North Saanich Emergency Program Registration

Please fill in your contact information to receive Emergency Notifications from the District of North Saanich.


The North Saanich Emergency Program has engaged the Emergency Response Management Services Corporation (ERMS) to provide an Emergency Mass Notification System to the residents of North Saanich. This system, in real time, will be used to communicate with residents and stakeholders in the event of emergencies and disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunami alerts, evacuation notices, or other safety threats.

To receive Emergency Notifications from the North Saanich Emergency Program, please register with the Emergency Notification System. Your participation in this system is voluntary and all information you provide is protected and confidential.

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User ID, can be any combination of alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric. Please record your User ID for future reference.

Contact information: *Note The Cell Phone fields are used to receive phone calls, and the SMS Text Device fields are used to receive text messages. If you would like to receive both voice and text messages, place your phone number in both of the fields provided. Additionally, you must place a check mark in the Opt-In box beside the SMS Device field. By completing this action, you agree to receive SMS messages and are aware and responsible for any additional charges that may be incurred as a result.

When the Submit button has been selected, you will receive a text message to your device confirming that you have registered. You may ignore this message, or if you have opted-in accidentally, type ‘ERMS STOP’ to unsubscribe your SMS device.


By selecting the Submit button, you consent to the collection and use of the personal information entered on this registration form for the purpose of emergency notifications.

Be advised, the Emergency Notification System is not a life-saving tool, it is for emergency notifications only.

If you are in an emergency situation, please dial 911

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