PRRD Emergency Notification System Registration

Welcome to the Powell River Regional District Emergency Notification System enrolment page.  You can choose to be contacted via this system by phone (cell or home), or by email or text message based on the information you provide below for emergency or community notification purposes.  The information you provide will be maintained by the Emergency Notification System service provider and will not be used for any other purpose.

You may enter as many contact numbers/methods as you wish.  You must include your last name and create a User ID.  This User ID can be any alpha/numeric sequence you wish and will be used if you want to be able to amend your information on this system.  The PIN will act as your password.  By including your email, the system can contact you if you forget your User ID or PIN.  The tools available through this Emergency Notification System allow the Regional District to limit an emergency notice call to residents within certain locations.  For example, if there is a neighbourhood that must be evacuated due to an emergency, this system can contact only the residents within the impacted area.  Providing your address will assist in the effectiveness of this tool.  Latitude and longitude are not required. 

For more information on the Powell River Regional District Emergency Notification System, please contact Ryan Thoms, Manager of Emergency Services at the Powell River Regional District at 604 485-2260.

Create a contact in your phone to ensure you don't miss important safety messages: 1-888-629-4716

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